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Checkit provides on-site certification of your safety nets

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No lost time for the test and tag certification

Increase the longevity of your nets to actual life, not number of test patches

No need to isolate nets until result returned

No data entry required, as result direct into EZICHEQ asset register

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Gary Porter owns and operates Civil Works Scaffolding in Otaki which offers safety nets solutions as a compliment to their scaffolding business for residential builder clients.

Gary wants to get the compliance process right for all his services, and appointed CHECKIT to complete his safety net tests.

He conveniently had all the nets at his yard and wanted the process urgently completed in one day before the nets moved out. The CHECKIT team sent two staff and they spent six hours with one of Gary’s men to complete the job. 130 nets were processed with EZICHEQ labels applied, loaded onto the register, certified check completed and test patch reapplied. The results were instantly available on the EZICHEQ platform to review.

20+ nets per hour were processed, 12 hours were invoiced. This equated to $7.40 per net for the initial test.

His nets champion will label and load all new nets purchased during the year onto the EZICHEQ platform. In the twelth month of the annual cycle, the CHECKIT team will return with one technician and Gary will supply his nets operator again.

They expect to move through over 25 nets per hour assuming certified check only, but they will consume more time if they have to move between sites. A nine hour day would be invoiced to travel across the 180 nets. This equates to $4.00 per net for the annual retest process.

Civil Works has the additional cost of one labour unit, the labels and the EZICHEQ subscription however they have no freight costs, repairs or replacements are done on the go, and there is no down time isolating nets or trying to locate them when results come back.

They also appreciate the importance of having someone accountable and trained on how to manage the compliance process.

Gary knows the life of his nets are longer than the four years he has if he sends the test patches away. By completing a certified test on site and reattaching the tested patch he expects his nets to extend past six years maybe even 8 years. This means reducing his replacement costs and therefore substantially increases his return on capital invested.

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Factors that minimise CHECKIT time:

1. Apply EZICHEQ smart label yourself and load in all asset details to the register

2. Provide a nets assistant to keep the patches supplied to the tester

3. Complete as many as possible on one site, i.e Yard

4. Travel between sites is hard to avoid, however the more compact the regional spread of sites the better.

5. Isolate returned nets that have not yet been tested to eliminate the need to geolocate untested nets to complete